Uneventful and that's OK
Friday, Mar. 26, 2021 - 6:20 pm.

This should be a quick entry, first, because we're waiting for tonight's dinner, and, second, because nothing of substance has happened in my surroundings this week. In this economy, that's not a bad thing to say.

Things were unbelievably slow at work. I was stressed out about having nothing to stress about. I did some paperwork to move forward my research project, but most of my job entails writing papers with/for my boss, and there were no papers to work on this week (we did submit a revision and got another accepted!).

I did work, though! There's always something to do. I was able to focus on my own projects. Also, the students who will be joining my research are now all accounted for: A master's student, and three undergrad students working on their graduation project or thesis (respectively, one working alone, the other two as a dyad). I'm excited.

Then... well, that's it. I work on my formal job during the day, I work on my comic strips and other shenanigans in the evenings. I talk to my girlfriend everyday. Andrew and I see each other for coffee breaks and meals during the day on workdays, and some evenings we hang out. We're very luck to have each other as comfortable companions who also understand the value of personal space.

Oh, and today's Steven Tyler birthday. I've outgrown him in every way possible, I think, but he remains in my heart for all that he and his band has meant for me.

Last but not least, this country has set mandatory lockdown on weekends, starting tonight. That means it's ok to go out for work, but for nothing else. Bullshit. People are exhausted.

Sorry for being particularly boring today. Stay safe, take care of yourself and others if you can.

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