Starting out with research and getting paid for talking
Friday, Apr. 23, 2021 - 6:43 pm.

Another succesful week, whatever that means. I suppose as long as we're alive and well, it's succesful.

I don't have much to report. My family, rather, my parents have been behaving. Ish. My dad sent a letter to all of us this morning, basically saying he wasn't responsible for the fight (I still don't know what exactly happened, so no tea from me) between him and my aunt. My mom's sister. So exhausting. I read it and sent it to the archive. I have nothing to say about that.

A family milestone this weekend: Nephew #1 is turning TWENTY-NINE OH MY GOD. Unbelievable that he's here in this little diary, our times together growing up feel like lifetimes ago.

Work's fine. The four students I supervise are coming through with their research, somewhay slowly but that's how it is. I'm really enjoying having my own project, though of course I don't forget my boss'.

Funnily enough, when I'm overwhelmed with my own project, I turn to working on hers. The subject was not of my choosing, but it's very interesting nonetheless and it's so familiar to me by now that it's actually relaxing working on it. A good way to procrastine while remaining productive.

I'm still at the stage of trying to get my own project off the ground, sending emails to all universities in the city (all five of them), hoping to get authorised to send the link to a survey to its students. It's a silly thing, but that's Ethics. Andrew said that at least I only got to send emails instead of having to call all those people, and he has a point.

Any girlfriend updates? Why, thank you, she's doing fine. Going back to Canada this weekend after being stranded in our (her and my) home country for nearly four months. Our first-year anniversary is coming up, too. Oh, god. I mean, yay! But also, oh, god.

Well, it's Friday. Andrew and I just had a very nice dinner and soon we'll watch Velvet Goldmine. It's camp and glam as fuck, and it's exactly what I need. I saw the movie before I got into Bowie and before I came out, so it'd be nice to get back to it with fresh eyes.

Lastly, Andrew and I had another meeting with the social worker this week, for the adoption process. At some point she said something like "so in a few months, when you have your child with you..." and I (we) internally freaked out. It sure as hell is not gonna be in a few months, anyway, but holy shit.

Oh, wait! I had a literary event one or two months ago, right? Ok, I had a few of those events, but for one of these, the bigger one, I got PAID. I mean, they told us we'd get paid, but I kind of forgot about it and this week the bank called and I had money to collect. I literally got paid for an appearance. I'm living the Kardashian dream. It feels nice. Look at me, I earned some money because I write fiction. I'm savoring it.

No vaccine for us here yet, but Andrew and I are quite alright. We have jobs, nice food (we make fresh orange juice nearly every morning!), soft cats, and the comforting company of each other. Days are getting colder. It breaks my heart for all the beings without proper refuge. I'm grateful everyday, for a lot of things.

Stay safe.

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