Happily vaccinated and rightfully angry at the world
Friday, May. 14, 2021 - 7:44 pm.

It is now that I come to write in this little box that I realize that I don't have a lot to tell about this week. Lockdown was lifted in the city yesterday after more than 60 days, but that doesn't make a difference in our life, Andrew's and mine.

Ah, wait, we got vaccinated! On Saturday afternoon we got a message from a friend, there was a surplus of vaccines in the vaccination center in the gym of my uni, and 35+ year-olds were now being accepted. We live across the street from campus, so we made a short walk in nice weather: cloudy, somewhat cold. I like this weather, and it was all the more enjoyable after being inside the apartment for months. And thus we got out first dose!

I was very, very happy. I am. I know the vaccine doesn't change things immediately, but I felt relieved and grateful for the chance of getting vaccinated, especially a few weeks earlier than expected. It feels like a tiny but important step to being safe from the virus.

Things have been horribly on the political front: the Palestine occupation, my home country. You not only have to fight the horrible people but the people with good intentions who end up having horrible arguments trying to support your cause.

Work is also... going. I enjoy it, I don't think I'm overwhelmed by it. It has an acceptable amount of pressure on me. I'm mostly crushed by my own demands and expectations, but I'm trying to be kind to myself and not overwork myself. It's working so far, hollaaaa!

These days I've encountered so much bisexual erasure too. In academia, in activism, in real life. I was particularly upset and triggered yesterday.

It's not that anything has ever happened to me *because* I'm bisexual, I've been spared from most horribleness in that regard, other than being painfully invisible for most of my life. But now I see the bi erasure everywhere (or hear it, like the "bisexual people, those who can't decide" comment I got at an academic conference yesterday). It gets to you eventually. But I'm not gonna out myself in front of these people, am I? I already did it and it's online for the world to see.

Happy things: my girlfriend Helen is waiting to get my Instagram comic strips account going. I'm not ready yet, I want to have a stash of comics before we start posting. And that's been my happy place: going over my comics, the sheer joy of just thinking about redoing them, giving them a second chance to shine. Maybe this time they will reach the right people.

I have so many things I want to do. A short story book I'm working on, the embryo of a novel, my comic strips, and even a second and third part to my first novel. I'm all ideas and zero commitment to putting them down on paper. I'll do it eventually, I just don't feel I'm do it soon enough.

Hey, I did have things to say.

Also, I'm thinking about changing the layout of this diary. The DLand layout industry is very much dead so that'd mean going back to one of the generic templates. I'll think about it.

I'm signing off now, happily vaccinated, thankful for my own little world, and rightfully angry at the world. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

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