Always doing stuff and shit
Friday, Jun. 25, 2021 - 5:51 pm.

I always seem to have commitments in the horizon. This month I had three work-related presentations (one for a class, one for a seminar, and one for a workshop*), and just as I thought I could rest, I got an email a few days ago, inviting me to be part of a conversation about Central American literature. I already talked about that in another event, and my lack of name-dropping authors should discourage anyone to invite me again, but it's something to do.

*I got paid for this one and I forwarded the money to Nephew #2. As a uni student who was just about to graduate, he's had his life course interrupted by the pandemic. I'm glad I can support my family this way now.

Things are going great at work. Data collection is going slowly but still going, and I'm digging working with my thesis students. I got the funding for my project today(!), but since Monday is a holiday, I can take that day to go over my finances in detail and make sure I don't screw up.

My comic strip on IG is taking off too. Ish. I suppose I'll never do well enough to attract people who don't know me and who thus come strictly for the enjoyable content. Still, I can't complain. It's getting me out of my comfort zone, improving my artwork, and making me go over old strips that frankly weren't bad. It bears repeating, this is my happy place.

I owe this to my girlfriend, she keeps the account running. I mean, yeah, I do the strips, but three times a week I can count on them showing up on my feed at the same time everyday, on days and times of highest online traffic and with carefully-researched hashtags. It almost feels like magic.

That's all, I guess. I'll keep it short this time. It's Friday and working hours are almost done, but my mind has been done for a while after working on a paper all day. I'm looking forward for our little Friday night soirée with Andrew. He still has to work after that, though. Poor guy has a few major deadlines coming up, and he's been having a rough week, which will continue into this long weekend. In the meantime, I'm the one carrying most of the care economy in the house.

Also: IT'S PRIDE WEEKEND. I'm feeling more and more cynical about this (the class I taught was about rainbow capitalism, ha), and I've always felt like I don't belong to *The Community*, but hey, there's still lots to celebrate and lots to fight for.

Bye for now. Take care of yourself. Happy Pride!

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