Driving lessons and back to normal(?)
Friday, Aug. 06, 2021 - 5:21 pm.

OMG this week. I signed up for driving lessons to get my license here, and this whole week I've been going to night school. The theoretical lessons are online, blessed be, but they still demand my full attention from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. I don't have a lot of energy by default, and the exhaustion of this schedule has been building up throughout the week.

I signed up for that ungodly time slot because I had a one-on-one appointment with the adoption psychologist on Tuesday evening, and I didn't want to reschedule. So Tuesday was two hours with her, and then the two-hour lesson. Then Thursday was an hour-and-a-half work meeting at 5 pm, then dinner with a couple of our friends for the birthday of one of them at 6:30, then class at 8:30 pm.

Today's my last online lesson. The teacher is delightful but I can't fucking wait for these lessons to be over. Then comes the theoretical exam and some tests, and 12 actual driving lessons. I CAN DRIVE AND I DO IT WELL AND RESPONSIBLY, THANK YOU. I just need to learn the streets here and practice a bit. I'm hoping the instructor will notice I don't need that many lessons and I can be spared from part of this long-ass process.

On top of this, we're having two friends spending the weekend at our apartment. You can tell life is getting back to normal because Andrew's friends who moved to the capital are coming back south for a weekend. I'm OK with it, usually they come here to hang out for a bit and sleep, and then go off to meet up with friends and family.

I don't know what to think about the pandemic anymore. I hear reports that things are getting worse with the new variant, but also everything is getting back to normal. Our uni is preparing for the return of staff to campus (not students though), and a lot of people I personally know and/or follow online are gathering with others unmasked and/or traveling.

Who the fuck knows. I still have to figure out whether I'll travel to see my family at the end of the year.

If I do, I will meet with my girlfriend back there at our home country. She's doing well, by the way. I'm glad we had a conversation a couple of weeks ago about hecticness, so although this week I've been MIA a lot for her, our relationship remains strong. I think our relationship is just stable enough to let it be while we live our respective lives. We catch up briefly over the week, and then talk properly on the weekend.

This weekend will be an extension of this week, though, what with the friends coming over. I want to be left alone with no demands for a couple of hours, so I may skip one of this friend's birthday celebration on Sunday (God, see what I say about being back to normal?! Not a lot people will be there, but it's still *a group*). Also, my boss invited Andrew and I to her house tomorrow night. But that'll be great, it's a joy meeting up with her.

I'm exhausted. Knackered. I'd fall asleep right now and sleep for a day. I declare that my workday has officially ended and the weekend has started.

Stay safe and take care of yourself.

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