Bi agenda 2022 and keep working from home
Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021 - 10:14 am.

I don't think a lot has happened this week. I mean, things always happen, but they are mostly mundame anecdotes from work or brief family interactions and updates.

I suppose the most relevant thing that's happened since my last entry is that I told my girlfriend that we'll be in our home country at the same time, and she booked the fucking beach house of her fantasies for a night after the New Year, for the two of us. I was reluctant for a few reasons, but obviously she booked it because I said go ahead. There you go. My first scheduled event for 2022, Baby Jesus willing that we all make it that far, and that the pandemic calms the fuck down.

No, second event. The first one is our annual(ish) New Year's Gay Brunch with my friend Virginia. I told her I'd be there and hell yes, she cried.

But back to my girlfriend. Of course Andrew knows about her. We don't talk about this in depth, but one night a few weeks ago we were walking home from dinner with my boss, and I told him she might visit in a few months (that seems off the table now) and etcetera. This is a hard thing to digest for anybody, and I will not do anything that he isn't comfortable with (hence my reluctance above). He's been great about it, though, and our relationship is just as good as ever, so whichever the boundaries we agree on, I'll be fine with them.

On another front: I was invited to give a lecture on gender identity and sexuality for a master's course on developmental psych. I did not appreciate that it was on such short notice (three weeks), but I'm just doing it for The Gays. Nice of the professors to think of me for this, and yes, I'm doing it because I don't trust anybody else around here to handle this subject properly.

Lastly: Andrew and I have been meeting with friends. Actually, we haven't, this and the past week, but we did last night, and we will tonight. It's hard to say no, despite the virus, because it's been almost two years of turmoil and social disruption here. Six months before the pandemic was declared, there was a strong social uprising and since then there was a similar disruption of daily life as the one brought on by the pandemic.

Now, a new Constitution is being written in this country and hopefully the vaccines are curbing the most devastating effects of the virus in most places. Excuse the optimism, but it feels good.

Oh, and I'll also continue working from home! All staff at my uni are returning gradually, by shifts, but I only respond to my boss. Before the pandemic, when I returned from the UK, she lent me one of her offices (she's indeed a big shot at my uni) so I could look after it while using it. But since then she's promoted me to co-researcher (hey-oh!) and got herself a new assistant who will work in that office. She did say I could use it too but I work well from home. Andrew also finally received an office of his own, so he'll go to campus a couple of times per week, but it's right across the street from our apartment. God blesssss.

Shit. This week it's our second anniversary of returning from the UK. That -thankfully- felt like a natural progression of things in our life, but it also hurt a lot, and we still have a huge sense of loss about leaving our life there.

Anyway. We had friends for dinner last night and Andrew cooked, so I have a mountain of dishes to wash. Stay safe and take care of yourself <3

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