Driving and walking
Friday, Sept. 03, 2021 - 9:40 pm.

It looks like I haven't forgotten how to live in the outside world after all. My driving lessons started this Wednesday. I put on my mask, pack my headphones and hand sanitizer, and off I go. The drill is that I take an uber to the driving school, drive neatly, and come back home walking. Also, the weather seemed to switch entirely to spring on Wednesday, September 1st, so it's been nice to be outside.

I can drive, I'm just going through this process to get my Chilean license. Too late I realised that I should've skipped the driving lessons altogether and just stick to the theory lessons. Oh, well. It doesn't hurt to practice and learn these streets.

A lot of people are getting their license or renewing it, it seems, because the next available slot for a driving test in the city is September 2022(!). Andrew and I may travel to his parents' town if there's a chance to take the test (me) and/or renew (him) the license there.

The lessons have taken up most of my energy and attention this week. That's not to say I haven't done anything else, I actually got a lot shit done at work out of guilt. "Oh, no, I'm taking an hour and a half of my workday to go drive, let me make up for it". But not too much, haha. Work is going, as usual, but I'm taking care of myself and not demanding myself more that I can give.

Wednesday it was also our second anniversary of leaving the UK. It does feel like that phase of our life just happened, and also like it never happened. I'd swear I never lived there if it wasn't for all the daily reminders that I did (photos, friends, Instagram accounts about Sheffield that I follow and that make my heart ache). I'm so grateful for my time there. It was just so surreal, in the best way. It always felt like that, probably will forever. 

I was happy there. But you know, I'm happy here, too, perhaps in a different way. I guess that also says something about me as a person, but let's not forget that it helps to have decent living conditions and only minor stressors.

I'm very tired so this will do as an update. But let the record show that I'm in the mood for writing and creating; I have my comic strips but I want those and more. I haven't written in a notebook for so long. We'll see if I accomplish something along those lines this weekend.

Keep staying safe!

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