A good driver
Friday, Sept. 10, 2021 - 10:37 pm.

Well, I finished my driving lessons! I aced the course, theory, practice and psychowhatever. I took eight driving lessons and I'm skipping the last four because hey, I can drive already.

My instructor was very supportive throughout the lessons. I think at times he got bored, and others he appreciated taking a break from nervous beginners. He also got me a certificate, which the driving school doesn't normally issue, but he said I was a good driver, and he hoped it'd help speed up the process of getting my licence. I don't know if it will, or when that process will happen for that matter (exam slots are available until September 2022!), but it was very nice of him.

The whole experience was more enjoyable than I expected. Moreover, as I said last week, it made me feel capable of being in the outside world again, whether behind the wheel or as a pedestrian (because I walked back home). The downside was that the lessons cut my mornings off, and then left me too tired to focus properly for long in the afternoons. I wasn't very productive at work this week, so I'm glad to be back to my normal schedule on Monday.

This may be a short week, too. It's Independence Day next Saturday but people go crazy and take a few days off. That can't be good in a pandemic. The virus hasn't gone away, has it?! Even if life outside seems to be back to normal, except for the face masks.

I'll actually be driving to Andrew's parents' house on Friday. They live in a small town like an hour away from this city. I'm supposed to have a national licence to drive, but we'd rather go by car (which a friend of Andrew's has been gracious enough to let us borrow it for the day) than go in a packed bus. I have my home country's licence, and mad responsible-driver skills, but I do hope the cops won't stop us on the road.

Right now, I'm writing this in bed. One may think that having two partners is great for a Friday night, but I'm all alone. My husband is at a friend's house for a small boys' night in, and my girlfriend is out on a date with one of her best friends (a gay guy), who took it upon himself to take her out on my behalf. They got dressed up and are having dinner on a boat and shit. He's a good kid.

Me, I'm elated. It's been a busy, tiring week, and I'm so happy to be home alone and resting in a quiet apartment.

And I shall continue to enjoy that now.

Don't let your guard down, stay safe!

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