Looking forward to February
Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022 - 9:29 pm.

I missed writing an entry last weekend, on top of not having written for a couple of weeks prior. I had other priorities, and I've been wondering if I’ve outgrown this diary. I hope not. I turned 37(!) on the 19th. And I started this diary in September 2001, so that means I’ve been writing in here for TWENTY YEARS. Here’s to many more, eh?

Summer break started yesterday, Friday. I went to the beach yesterday, but it was for work. My boss had a colleague from Denmark visiting this week and today was a day to go sightseeing. I didn’t get any work done but this *was* work. I appreciate my boss didn’t require my presence much this week to host so I made progress on my own project and I was able to join her yesterday.

February is a holiday here, a much needed summer break. Universities are closed, blessed be.

I’ll still have to work, though, but it's on stuff for my own project so I’m pumped. I'll dedicate some mornings to a few papers, a class for the Psych PhD, and —get this— to prepare a keynote speech for the start of the semester of the Psych Master’s. Just talk about my “line of research” (sexual orientation and gender identity), they said. Good luck getting me to shut up once I start.

(Kidding. I'm respectful of other people's time and my own, so I have the time limit set)

Not much has happened these two weeks that I missed writing. Well, my birthday happened in between, and it was all right. Andrew cooked for me, he's the best. I do feel grateful for the chance of growing old, but I don’t pay much attention to the date. And anyway, my birthday date is not on social media so I keep getting birthday wishes until the end of the month.

My biggest project for this month is to start my Simeon comic strip in English. A web toon. I’m so fucking excited. I’ll bring together all the craptacular skills I’ve gained over the years and finally write the narrative I’ve written in my head. My work has been ignored in Spanish, now it’s time that it’s ignored in English.

Today, Andrew and I went for breakfast with a friend at a café. We ran into my boss (who's also been the boss of Andrew and this friend), so the four of us had breakfast together. Then Andrew and I did a little shopping in that same strip mall where the café is. Lastly, I made an appointment for a haircut. I've cut the ends of my hair througout the pandemic, and while I fear they'll give me a haircut I don't want, I'm also craving a bit of change.

I think today sets the tone for this upcoming month. It's unlikely we'll go on holiday because everything is full, as it is every summer, but also because people are desperate to be out. But at least we have options for meals and coffee and some shopping. We have our personal and home projects, too. I just gotta do a little planning to make sure I accomplish all I want this month.

Stay safe!

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