Fuck yeah a holiday
Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022 - 12:38 pm.

We're halfway through the summer break. Two weeks out of four. It's been glorious. Our friend extended his family holiday, so he let us keep his car this week, too. That has given us freedom to run errands and go places at our convenience. This is all the more helpful considering that lockdown measures are being enforced again throughout the country.

Andrew and I had our "big holiday" from Wednesday to Thursday. I drove us to a city in the coast and Andrew got us a luxury suit overlooking a river. The hotel room was probably the same size as our apartment, and it included a living room and two bathrooms. I've managed to stay in nice hotels before, but this was something else. After two years of lockdown and assorted struggles, we deserved (and could afford) something like this.

It was almost a three-hour drive, as we ran some errands first, but we made it on time for lunch. The place I'd chosen was closed, much to my disappointment, because that was like two towns away from the city and it was a restaurant overlooking the ocean. But we found a nice café in the previous town, and even got a chance to buy some souvernirs.

After that, we headed to our destination city and spent most of this trip in the hotel room. We did go out for a stroll on the riverside, but the place was packed with tourists (like us) and we got very nervous. We returned to the hotel, ordered room service and watched the sunset from our balcony while we had dinner. That was enough. That was plenty.

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel, lounged in the bath tub, ordered room service again for an early lunch, and then we drove home. It probably doesn't sound too exciting, but Andrew and I were so relaxed the whole time, without a worry on our minds, feeling so calm and enjoying ourselves. It was worth it.

We've had other engagements this week, such as visiting my in-laws on Monday, and going to a friend's house for lunch yesterday. This morning I drove Andrew to feed another friend's cat (while this friend and her family are on holiday), and when he returned to the car we said let's not go home yet. We went to buy our damned cats' food, and then we stopped for coffee. It was really nice.

We're returning the car tomorrow, Sunday. It's a bit sad parting with it, but we made the most of it these past two weeks. Andrew and I can say we went on holiday and we did enjoy our summer break. We have two weeks left before we go back to work. We have to catch up on work stuff (stupid academia), but we also a few plans to have fun with what's left of the break. Having a car is a plus, but not having it is not gonna stop us.

We always wear our masks, though, and wash our hands thoroughly and avoid crowded places and high-traffic times. Safety first. Stay safe yourself.

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