Wrapping up the summer break
Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022 - 5:41 pm.

The seasons are changing. The last few days have been a bit chilly in the evening and it's been raining. Autumn here isn't too elegant, but leaves changing color is always an amazing sight. It should start happening pretty soon.

Tomorrow, Sunday, concludes our summer break, and we're back to work on Monday. It was great. I got to rest, I got to drive a bit, I got to sleep in. I got to do some shopping. I got see massive bodies of water and eat delicious food.

I even got to finish a paper and submitted it to a journal. This is technically work, but the paper was about coming out, and it was based on data from my project so writing it was a joy.
We have one last social engagement tomorrow, we're going to a friend's house for lunch. This is the friend who was getting her PhD in Sheffield at the same time as Andrew and I. It's always nice to get together with someone who's been through the same things as us (e.g., the joy of living in Sheffield and the heartbreak of leaving it). She and her husband and teenage (emerging adult?) daughter just moved to a new house in the countryside, and got two puppies, so extra fun awaits.

Some milestones this week: March 1st is my 11th anniversary (!) of moving to Chile, and March 3rd is the anniversary of meeting Andrew. I may get emotional if I think too much about it. It's hard to believe it's been over a decade, but it also feels like a lifetime ago. A few lifetimes ago.

Before that, on February 28th, it's Joseph's birthday. I didn't think the ex and I would ever be on speaking terms again, but there you go. He was a dick to me in the end and I was broken for years, but I am fond of him and the relationship we had. I still find it hard to believe that he apologized for hurting me a few years ago. I did not see that coming. Not that I needed it by then, I managed to heal without any input from him (moving to Sheffield was, I think, the last nail on the coffin of that grief).

Speaking terms might be a stretch, though. One says happy birthday to the other, the other replies thank you and that's it, until the next birthday. I would like to ask how he's doing and all, but engaging in conversation might make me seem like I have hidden intentions. I don't. He also is an event from a few lifetimes ago.

Anyway! I'm waiting for dinner to be delivered (fuck yeah dinner and a movie with Andrew) so I should wrap this up. Here's to the end of a nice summer break, and the start of a new academic semester, which also brings treatment for my broken jaw starting this week (*throws confetti*). I cannot say much about the supposedly impending world war, except that fuck the invaders and the settlers across the globe and through time. Give 'em hell and kick them out.

I hope you're well and safe.

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