Back(ish) to on-site life
Saturday, Mar. 19, 2022 - 9:48 am.

Things continue to be as exciting as I reported them to be in my last entry, i.e., they’re not that exciting but I’m a nerd and I’m leading a satisfactory life.

Classes have started on campus. Now the university and its surroundings (including my apartment, across the street from campus) are “vibrant” again. I saw that word all over when I was struggling with applications for my PhD, but I guess it’s true and it’s what I like about uni life.

But I digress. Students are back. All staff is back. I’m not because I don’t have a proper office, and while I could use my boss’, I do prefer working from home. I’m crossing the street (I live across the street from campus) more frequently now, though. I had to be on campus a couple of times this week because of a meeting or some errand.

Also, yay for stray dogs who will hopefully find a bit of a sanctuary in campus again.

This Thursday I met with C, Andrew’s friend and now my thesis student. She came to my apartment and we had a long meeting, mixing personal and academic interests (research is me-search, as my dear academic half-brother Eric would say). She came out as bi during the pandemic and now is exploring her gender identity. I’m always honored when someone shares their experiences about this with me.

Afterwards, our respective husbands joined us for dinner (it’s not dinner though, and to me, an immigrant forever, it feels more like having a light breakfast in the evening). I’m really happy to be expanding my social circle and queering it up in the process.

My family’s OK, I guess. I trust my siblings and nieces and nephews are OK. My parents are... alive. My dad’s having a hard episode of depression, but the problem with acknowledging him is that then he weaponises his suffering to get away with being horrible to others. I think he’d die if it depended on will alone, though. I think my dad’s beyond hope and my mom is trapped. It breaks my heart, but I also tell myself that they have agency to handle this as they see fit.

And it's Brother #3's birthday today, yay! *throws confetti*

On another front: it’s Helen’s birthday on Monday. We’ve settled on being friends with benefits after long, cathartic “unpacking” emails. We’re good. Well, she, not so much at the moment. We’re waiting on her home test results because this week she led face-to-face workshops every day, and last night she was horribly sick. I mailed her one of my favorite comics as a birthday present, I hope it keeps her company.

Anyway! Time to start the weekend. These silly strips won’t draw themselves. Wishing you a good day and hoping you remain safe <3

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