The Andean mountains and webcomic appreciation
Sunday, May. 15, 2022 - 7:47 pm.

The uni break came and went. We go back to work tomorrow after a nice week of leisure. I didn't do everything I wanted. In fact, I very much didn't do what I had on my to-do list. This isn't a big deal, anyway, it was just making progress with my webcomic. I LOVE working on it, but there's no audience that cares an awful lot about it, so there's really no rush.

On that latter note, Andrew and I took this week to do some house cleaning, see friends, and put some of our paperwork in order. I wrote a column for the digital newspaper about International Day Against LGBTIQ+-phobia, which I had not planned for. We usually end up not doing as much as we want with these breaks, but we always manage to have fun together and do stuff. Andrew also got his job interview, like I mentioned in my last entry, and that alone is great.

We went out with some friends (a married couple) yesterday to the Andes side of this region. Unexpectedly, I got to see snow! We also stopped by to visit the relatives of one of these friends, who are First Nations and live out in the country.

I always keep in mind that my world, academia, is often very far removed from the real world, or at least from other, more practical worlds. I'm rarely outside my own bubble, but when I am, I'm very humbled (and grateful! Our hosts were very generous with the food and the mate).

Anyway, speaking of my bubble, I guess I'm happy to go back to work, or rather to a routine, because at least then I know when I can work on my webcomic. I watched "Our flag means death" and it's one of the purest, most wholesome stories I've found in a while. Then I wished that my stories (from my book, from my webcomic) would fall into the hands of the charming, clever and handsome person who's done some of the movies and series that I've enjoyed the most. One can dream, eh.

It kinda feels like the pandemic is gone. We still wear our masks, though, and will keep doing it for a good while. Stay safe.

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