It might be due to covid, but also, I was born tired
Saturday, Jun. 11, 2022 - 10:19 am.

I still have covid symptoms, like exhaustion and an ocassional cough. I know I could have them for a while, and perhaps the weather and the workload aren't helping with the recovery. Sometimes I don't know if it's a covid thing or just me being me, though. I'm very prone to feeling lazy and tired, but I'm learning to tell the difference in the source.

I've managed to do some exercising, but 10 minutes of light movement and 15 minutes of walking in the same place leave me a bit out of breath. I resent that, I could take some 40, 45 minutes of Tae Bo, and my body starts going out of shape quickly. But what are you gonna do, eh? I also have to take care of myself.

This month is also particularly stressful at work because I'm doing some Pride-related events. Nothing what gets more than 20 viewers, but hey, I tried. I got out of my comfort zone and I'll be at peace with myself. Maybe it will reach one person for whom it will matter.

In this regard, I was invited by another uni(!) to give a talk with two of my thesis students this past week, and I'm teaching a class on Tuesday, both streaming online. Then I'll be screening the wonderful "Pride" (2014) on the 28th. I'm told the Pride march will also happen that day in the city. I'm hoping these even won't clash, as the screening is in the evening and since winter's starting, the sun goes down early and it gets colder.

If the events don't clash, I'll go to the march. Now I have queer people to go for and to go with, starting with Andrew, who frowned when he saw me hesitating at the idea of attending. I'm here for how he's embraced queerness, though, his own and in general. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

Therapy's going well. Too well. I don't think we're working on anything in particular. It's been two sessions in which I go in having no idea what I'll talk about, though I always end up going deep into a subject. I like my therapist, too, she's a good one. I feel listened to, and cared for.

I'm not sure how many sessions we have left. As (I think) I've said here, most of my issues I've worked them on my own, sometimes in this very own diary, in fact. I just needed a push to solve what was left of them.

Despite my health taking a step back with covid, I've been doing really well, physically. My back, my jaw, my digestive system (a bit messed up by the covid meds, but fine overall)... I feel in control of my body, connected to it, and that feels so good. I'm really grateful for having had the chance to look into all that.

My fingers, however, have started hurting now that it's colder(!). I have bony fingers, I've kind of always paid attention to their weirdness, so it's not really a surprise. But I need them to write and draw, so I guess I should keep an eye on them.

Wow, I'm getting tired of writing in here. I mean, right now. My body starts telling me "I don't want to be doing this anymore". I listen. I listen compassionately, as my therapist encourages, but even if I didn't, I do have to stop.

But first, I want to say that I'm excited because Andrew's birthday is this Wednesday, and the Mapuche New Year ("the return of the sun") celebrations begin on the 20th. We want to celebrate the latter this year, take the chance to learn more about the culture. I'm also getting excited about seeing my family in about a month.

Well, time to go catch up with non-work activities. I printed photos from our time in Sheffield (oh, my heart) that I want to sort, and those comic strips won't draw themselves. Stay safe!

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