Big things to call our own
Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022 - 9:11 pm.

We have a car now(!!!).

A few months ago, a friend of ours offered to sell his car to us. It’s well taken care of and it has been in his family for years, so he wanted to sell it to someone he trusts. We replied we were interested, of course. He said he'd get in touch about this in a couple of months.

I was sort of expecting something to happen this month, while also lletting go of expectations (ah, therapy). Then, on Wednesday night, our friend called Andrew and told him to go pick up the car on campus. He works in uni, like us, and we live across the street from campus. So not long after his call, we had parked *our* new (old) car in our parking spot in the apartment building. 

I'm still getting used to the idea of having a car. I'm a fan of walking and taking public transport, but except for Sheffield, I haven't had much luck with living in a city that allows me to do this easily.  And yeah, ok, a car gives you freedom for a quick weekend getaway, God bless.

I had some savings put aside since our friend let us know about his intention of selling, so the payment is done. There’s some paperwork pending that’ll come through until next year, but the car's ours.

Things are happening, I guess! This week I got very discouraged by feeling a bit stuck in life, as I’ve been feeling since the world seemed to be moving forward from the pandemic (or despite it). It had mostly to do with how little I earn compared to the work I do. But that aside, the truth is that we’re not stuck anymore. We’re moving forward, slowly but surely.

In fact, Andrew and I went house hunting last weekend. We saw a house on Tuesday, but the Dream House we have set our heart on will be available for viewing (and negotiating) until September. It gives us time to prepare, and I hope we can buy it.

I’m very aware that we will not be “home owners”, not yet really. The market is horrible and we don’t earn *that* much, but conditions are not improving anytime soon. We might as well. We want this. It’s time. We’ve worked so hard, individually and together. We want a place to call our own (a place where I can hang my framed poster of Diamond Dogs-era Bowie).

Wish us luck. And stay safe.

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