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Friday, Aug. 19, 2022 - 5:29 pm.

I'm currently waiting for a friend of a friend's to come over and give me a PCR test. I've felt like crap since yesterday evening, though I'm pretty sure it's a throat and ear infection or something like that. I had covid like two months ago, and I don't think I've been around anyone with the virus, though one never knows.

You can't be too cautious with these things, can you? It seems there's a covid crisis again around here, and testing sites are collapsed. Andrew's parents caught it. A couple close to us caught it. And when it's not covid, it's some sort of bug. I think I have the latter. I haven't been able to work today. I have a sore throat, my body aches and I can't concentrate (probably because my body aches).

Being ill like this often makes me think about being a parent. How do you even look after a child when you're sick? Luckily it's Andrew and I, and we're a good team, but it still concerns me. I'm lucky he takes care of everything the moment I tell him I'm unwell, but I also don't like leaving him with all the burden.

Other than my recent sickness, things are well. Andrew won funding for a research project that doesn't include his boss nor his former boss, giving him the chance to shine. I'm very proud of him, and it angers me how underappreciated he is in uni. He's an awesome, smart, flirty, big-hearted person, let the record show.

My work is going well too. One of my students set up an Instagram account for my "lab", which is just my students and I, with no institutional support whatsoever, but it's given me street cred. I feel like when Bowie was unknown in the US, and he went on tour there and acted like he was this huge rock star to make people believe he was. This student has mad graphic design skills, too, so the queer academia content plus the flashy visuals are getting attention.

I'm also the token queer researcher around here, and I'm starting to get a workload worth more than I get paid. I'm still a nobody who has to play politely, but I still should learn to say no. Politely. I've gotten requests that make me think "fuck, no", but I need to translate that to an ambiguous response that gets me off the hook.

Outside of work, in real life, things are OK today. My family's OK. Andrew and I are patiently waiting for a house, and for a chance to get out of the city in our new (old) car. I do wish I had more time to work on my comic strip, or to be able to write fiction.

I'm trying to hold off capitalism and not work any more than necessary, but I still end up tired, and I still have to take care of some chores, so the comic strip is the first thing to go. I don't like that, but what you gonna do? It's only gonna get worse when the kid arrives. Though Andrew and I are still in therapy (me, I now go every fortnight), so who knows when the kid will arrive.

This is me signing off and saying s t a y s a f e loudly.

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