A conversation, a house, and a historical day
Sunday, Sept. 04, 2022 - 12:28 pm.

It's a historical day here today. I've been crying for days seeing the campaigns, the struggle, and the expressions of hope for a new Constitution. It's been a fight that's cost the lives, the eyes, the literal presence of thousands of people for too long.

I have hope, but I'm very anxious. We need more than a simple majority to win. The region I live in is very right-wing, or let's just say it, pretty fascist, so I'm not holding my breath for the results in this place. Rather, I have hope in the combined results across the nation.

This is the second crucial referendum I've experienced. The first one being Brexit, and we know how that one turned out. I couldn't vote then, I can't vote today either. That arise in me a desperation of sorts.

Andrew did go to vote. Thankfully all voting stations were rearranged for people to vote in their own neighborhood, so he just had to walk a couple of blocks. He was on fire, full of hope but also anxious and scared.

This is massive. Jesus Fucking Christ, wish us luck.

Quick update: We went to see *the* house we had our eyes set on. I ended up a bit disappointed because it needs a lot of fixing and because in general it seems unaffordable for us. In this economy, most decent houses are unaffordable for us, really. But our negotiations for this house haven't even begun, so who knows just yet.

Also, Andrew and I had a lovely heart-to-heart chat yesterday, and I ended up filling in some spaces regarding my relationship with Helen. I was relieved to finally share all of this with him, and he understood it as a relationship that made me thrive, and that benefitted our own relationship too.

I apologized for being a coward and not asking for his consent to carry out this relationship in the beginning, for not letting him in sooner into what I was going through. In the end, though, he's just there for me, always. And should he ever come across a situation like mine, he knows I'll be there for him too. We're happy together. We respect, love and enjoy one another, and we take care of what we have. The latter can take many, many forms.

Speaking of Helen, she's staying in New York this weekend, with friends of her late aunt. It turns out the daughter of her aunt's friend went to high school with David Bowie's daughter. Fuck yeah, four degrees of separation between Bowie and me!

It's lunch time. And again, Jesus Fucking Christ, wish us luck.

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