A week-long recess, blessed be
Friday, Oct. 14, 2022 - 5:47 pm.

We got this week off from uni, it was a much-needed rest. Thank you student movement for demanding mid-semester breaks.

To make something properly vacation-like this week, Andrew and I spent last night at a hostel with a view to a lake and snowy volcano. It's easier to make plans now that we have a car, so we made a reservation last week, hopped on the car yesterday before noon, and off we went.

We had a great, relaxing time. We went for strolls by the lake, ate good food, did some shopping, put on hydrating face masks while we watched "The boys in the band" last night. The hostel also had a very friendly cat named Watermelon who slept in our bed all through the night, curled up between the two of us. The indecency. We loved it.

I did have to work on Wednesday, as I was invited by another uni (only ours was on break) to give a talk. It was a great experience, actually, it exceeded my expectations. I did some proper networking with the other speakers, and got a notebook and a lunch invitation as a thank you. Yeah, and I presented my work as well to a bunch of students, but it's hard to tell whether that had an impact at all. Anyway, it was fun.

Other than that, this week Andrew and I have run some errands, met with some friends, gone for coffee, seen a house that wasn't worth going into a lifetime debt for. I feel like this week-long recess is making up for celebrations of our wedding anniversary in November and Christmas, for which I'll be traveling to see my family (I should say my family of origin, as Andrew is my immediate family).

This is all pretty mundame, but I'm pretty happy. We had fun, we got to rest. I had a lovely week, though unfortunately it went by too fast. I do have some on-demand fiction and non-fiction writing to catch up on, maybe something mildly important will come out from those requests. We'll see.

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