Mr. Research Grant Winner and Ms. Fuck Right Off
Friday, Jan. 06, 2023 - 10:30 pm.

Just a quick, joyous update to inform that I'm home alone for the weekend. Don't get me wrong, living with Andrew is as good as it gets when it comes to being married, but I'm a sucker for me time.

I did have quite some me time every night for two weeks, when I was in my home country just a week ago. But that was in a hotel, at night, after days of running around and socializing. This is in my house (well, flat), with my cats, my books and notebooks, and a kitchen with a lot of food that Andrew got for me. He's gone to another city with his friends, by the way. He'll be back by Sunday.

After coming back from my trip last Saturday, Andrew and I caught up and chilled until Tuesday, when we got back to work. That day we started 2023 with a bang: he won a major research grant! It's a major increase in resources for his research, in income, and in academic status. Our friend L also won, thus succesfully overcoming her imposter syndome. We've been celebrating all week.

On the unfortunate side, Andrew and I were having sex on Saturday and suddenly I felt like one of my ribs broke. He didn't put pressure on it, he didn't hit it. He just made contact with it and I felt a very particular pain that remains to this day. It's not the muscle, but also I doubt it's actually broken. I'd go get it checked but the health system sucks. I just wanted to whine about this.

Ask me how my writing goal is going.

Not too great.

And yet I take it easy on myself. I know I will never be succesful if I'm being so compassionate towards my own lack of motivation but whatever dude. I've spent years and years compulsively putting out comics, fiction and non-fiction in online and print form and all that effort took me absolutely nowhere (e.g., my two-year stint in a UK indie newspaper in Spanish with gorgeous columns that one read).

So excuse me for now finding comfort in my mediocrity.

I might go shopping tomorrow morning. I might exercise if the rib doesn't hurt too much. I might not wash my hair. I will for sure keep working on my Webtoon and assorted writing. This weekend I respond to no one, my time is my own. I can fuck right off as I please. What a blessing, Jesus fucking Christ.

And his birthday and deathday are coming up so I just wanted to say all hail David Bowie.

Have a good weekend. Stay safe.

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