Yes...but no.
Monday, 12/02/02 - 4:59 pm.

Today I woke up earlier than usual. I was glad about it. I love waking up early, ok?

Therefore, I had breakfast earlier. I ate a muffin with chocolate chips, that Carlos and Maria brought last night. It reminded me of Houston, Denise buys those big muffins with chocolate chips once in a while.

Today I went to school to get some papers that make my high school graduation official. I saw Vic and Pablo there, and they approached to say hi. slightly, his father is around, Vic said. That meant, no animal hugs or such (maybe I've mentioned before that Pablo is called The Beast).

I've been getting nice e-mails from some friends I'd written to. They're not forwarded things, they're actually letters in reply to mine *tear*. One of those was from Cel. It had a line that caught my attention. I smiled about it, but it was a sad smile. Because as nice as it sounded...well, it's useless.

(...) I talked to D(enver) today for a short while, he was particulary nice to me, and asked me about you. I told him I hadn't heard from you...

I think an awful lot of him. That I love him, I miss him, why he did that to us (let's face it, at a certain point it was us)...everything about him. I admit I had a moment of weakness and thought of signing back in the MSN messenger but then I


(sometimes I wonder if life is like those movies we see...when you see the characters making decisions that they think are the right ones, but you know they're not and you just want to get in the movie and yell at them to let them know they're wrong...)

No, I'm not signing back in for now.

*downloading the Harry Potter Yahoo IMviroment*

(bastards, they deleted the Aerosmith IMviroment *three thumbs down*)

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