Prostitute keyboards, college, Sandy, sex
and snail mail...what else could you ask for?

Saturday, 12/07/02 - 2:58 pm.

I got accepted in college (the UCA, psychology). Um, hi. I got accepted.

I have a new keyboard for my computer. It's black, and I love it. But it's just while my own keyboard (all standard and boring) gets its spacebar fixed. This is more like a prostitute keyboard *tear*. But I want it. We can have a new start, with no regrets of the past *more tears*.

My dad bought me a little Santa Claus stuffed doll. It fits in my hands, and its holding a tiny Coca-Cola bottle (yes, he got it for free, for being a Coca Cola customer...). It's really cute.

*Simeon repeats to himself and yours truly: Sandy Claws...*

yes, Simeon. Kidnap Sandy Claws. Jack will save him.

- Roberto: I'm in love....
- Roberto: ...with a man..
- Me: Well, that's pretty normal. There's nothing to be sad about...oh, is it...that he doesn't love you back...right?
- Roberto: Exactly. That's why I'm sad...
- Me: Well, don't you feel alone...I am in love with a man, too, and he doesn't love me back either.
- Me: If you want, we can get together to cry and get drunk.
- Roberto: Yes, that sounds good.

And there you go. He's out of the closet.

- Vic: you see, I spent the night at my girlfriend's grandparents' house...
- Vic: ...without their permission...
- Me: Oh, yeah?
- Vic: Gosh, it was great...and we entered the world of contraceptives.
- Me: Well, congratulations to the both of you. That's good...did she complain about it? I mean, I've always thought they (condoms) could be kind of uncomfortable...not only there's a weird piece of flesh in you, but there's also some kind of plastic...
- Vic: Well, she wasn't very into it at first, but remember this, my little grasshopper...when the apettite grows, nothing matters. And anyway, afterwards, she said she enjoyed it very much.

And there you go. Go safe sex (although it wasn't that safe, having in mind her grandparents could have walked in the bedroom in the middle of their little party).

I'm working on christmas cards to send to my closest friends. I happen to like "snail mail" better than e-mail. Nothing compares to getting an envelope in your mailbox, to touching what people sent you. It's more personalized than e-shit. It's more human. Nothing againts e-mails, I do admit they're great...but at least once a year, I like to go to the post office and sort out all the envelopes. I never get any mail, and I love to think of how happy that person will be when (s)he finds a letter for her/him in the garage floor or next to a window (getting mail is something very rare here, and a lot of people don't even have mailboxs).

Two nights ago, I decided I should send Denver one, too. I have to treat him like any other friend. But since I am so lame and cheap, I made something else for him. Those little dolls holding hands, cut in paper....

You know, this keyboard is the shit.

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