So what?
Monday, 12/09/02 - 3:33 pm.

I didn't cry last night. I had trouble falling asleep, because, as usual, I was thinking of him. Luckily, I didn't even feel like crying. And, as every night since I finished high school, I saw him in my dreams (*Simeon sticks out tongue with concern*). It's the same thing every night.

He was online this afternoon, and didn't talk to me. But I'm thinking maybe it wasn't him. He'd have talked to me, because it's very rare when I go online and he doesn't talk to me. So maybe it was someone else. Then again, maybe it wasn't. I don't know, and I just shouldn't care.

You see, what bothers me it's...well, everything. The way he started to act like we weren't even friends, to the fact that now there's nothing but my lame broken heart left.

I'm starting to think I should tell him. But what would I say...?

" know, don't think I'm telling you this to demand anything...I just needed to tell you that I was very hurt when you stopped talking to me, and I wondered if I'd done something to you. Did I? If so, I'm really sorry, I never meant to do anything wrong, or to make you feel uncomfortable. I'm still hurt about it, but that's just because all that was left was a lame friendship led by inertia. As much as I miss some things, I don't want them back, and I'm pretty sure you don't either...." I don't know how to finish. Because I really don't want to finish.

Left out: it's a shame you forgot how fragile and vulnerable a heart in love is.

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