Random bitching by a developing grown-up.
Saturday, 12/21/02 - 2:10 pm.

This is my brother *tear of pride*. Things are so fucked up here.

I got a call from Mars this morning. She invited me to a party in her house tonight. I'm going, because it's the last time I'll see her (at least in a long time). She's leaving for good on monday. I have to see her one more time, we got along really well since we met in 7th grade, we were always a team in high school (I feel old when I say: "we used to do this in high school"...I just finished it about a month ago!).

Last night I had to babysit Rebeca and Javier. Together, they get on my nerves very easily, although last night that wasn't the case. They slept over though, so in the morning I wasn't in a very good mood, specially when they started talking about canine genitals and giving birth to puppies. When you know about it, you can talk about it, I said. They're 6 and 8. I don't think they can still handle it very well. Rebeca can barely stand seeing a guy on TV with his eyebrow pierced (that's disgusting!) and says she used to like Britney Spears but she's evil because she got her breasts operated....See? she's too innocent.

People are not evil for having their bodies pierced of for getting a boob job. Britney's just kind of dumb. For some reasons, like not knowing who Yoko is (heretic!!!) and because she fucked up I love rock & roll and doesn't even know who performed it first, she sings about the same subjects, she has someone else to write her songs most of the time, she doesn't have more talent than her dancers...etc. But not because she got a boob job (I don't even know if she did)...I mean, she's not the first one nor the last one. Everybody is entitled to get the tools they need for their job.

I went on a tangent here...the point is, they get on my nerves. They always end up arguing.

Speaking in a material way, this has to be the lamest christmas ever. It doesn't feel like it at all, in any way. We haven't even gotten presents for the kids. Getting presents for the grown-ups (I'm mentally a grown up = I am mature enough to understand) is out of the question. First, because we're not into filling the house with presents, we're not into making lists of "what I want". Second, because Alan is leaving on december 26th, going to Philly and then New York, and since the strike still goes on (since september) he, like every other doctor, hasn't gotten any income. He needs a little help, so my parents are trying to save as much money as we can so they can help him afford the journey until he's settled down (hopefully in New York)....we want him the fuck out of here as soon as possible.

Don't get me wrong, we love him and we wish he wouldn't have to leave. But in a place like this one, the only way is out. He already got some chances in New York and Houston. He'll be better off up there, like Renan and his family.

Except that Renan's kids (Renan and Rebeca) are exposed to the stupid kind of kids like Rebeca's friends: Ew, ew, that's totally EW!...that's like so gross.

And they are the future leaders of the country.

How gross.

I'll just get back to reading. I was going to talk about him but I don't even feel like shouting out loud my anger and frustration.

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