Empty fulfillment.
Thursday, 01/02/03 - 2:48 pm.

I had a terrible, frustrating dream about going to an Aerosmith concert. That's all I can say, frustrating.

I could've sworn today it was january 4th. This year feels old already, the same old song and dance (like the Aerosmith song). I honestly see no difference in time.

I went to see The Two Towers last night. No comments.

No, wait...I do have one. I think everything would be easier for the dudes, specially for Frodo, if they just commited suicide. Don't stone me, it's just an idea. I wonder if they've thought about it, given such traumatic situations. That Middle Earth was such a scary place to live in.

I find the movie kind of frustrating and desperating at times, but hey, it's just my latest lame state of mind.

*Simeon points out that there were actually two and not just one comment on the movie*

A lot of family members were here this morning. This house is either too crowded or too empty. There's too much to do or nothing at all.

I barely talked to the kids, who were here for a while. They get on my nerves, except for Renan. Probably because I see him like a new, smarter version of myself, in many ways.

They all took off. Even my mom, who never leaves without my dad, went with them. I do encourage that, she needs to take a break from my dad. They offered me to go, and thank God I have to go to UCA this afternoon. I didn't want to go.

I sat at the table alone for lunch; dad stayed, too, but he was having lunch with a friend of his out in the yard.

Maybe it's a good thing I go to college, I can get away from the house. The course starts tomorrow and I'm as excited as dullness itself can be.

"Excited" may not be the word...

I really have nothing worth to say, go somewhere else.

No, wait, there's something else to say: welcome back my old keyboard *tear of joy*

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