Aerosmith / The Truth / Oh, joy.
Tuesday, 01/14/03 - 8:38 pm.


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I've been so happy today (not happy-happy, but glad enough to say I'm happy).

Well, except for the time that I went to the UCA Lounge of Martyrs...I heard the story, the entire story of november 16th, 1989.

I walked in Garden Of Roses, were the 6 jesuists were murdered. I saw pictures of the massacre, their faces were nothing but a mass of blood, and their brains were on the grass. I could've cried. It was an incredible, touching experience.

I'm starting to have a "critical conscience", like my dad calls it. I thought I'd like to die for something valuable, like they did. They believed in what they were doing. I'd like my death to be of some use. I was very encouraged.

I told Simeon that when I grow up, I'll work for The Truth.

He said: off we go.


Because of all these things, I've barely thought about D. I've been trying to cope with all the things about him, that cross my mind.

Err, he just logged in.

But that's ok. Well, it's not, but it will. Someday.

"One day we'll look back, laugh at this, then change subject".


Well, right now I'm feeling good. Because of all the said above.


And I heard some of The Beatles' albums before I left for the UCA. You wouldn't believe how much that cheers me up.

And...shit, I have homework.

Ok, bye.

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