Probably THE happiest day of my life so far.
Sunday, 01/19/03 - 9:59 pm.

I woke up this morning. Feeling strange. And not wanting to get out of bed. BUT not because I was sad. The opposite.

First, my parents hugged me, very hard. And then I got a call from my friend May.

I watched A Hard Day's Night. I found some mistakes (specially in John's wardrobe during certain scenes).

I went to my brother's house, to have chinese food for lunch, with all of my family. They gave me two greeting cards, signed by my parents, my brother, his girlfriend-wife (living together, not married), my sister and my nephew. I also got a box of chocolates from my cousins, two shirts from my brother and his girlfriend (Carlos and Maria) and roses, from my sister and my nephew (Nancy & Javier). Alan sent me an e-card.

I got home at maybe 3:00 pm. And the bell rings. It's Norman. Happy birthday, he says. And hands me a balloon. He comes in, sits and asks me for a glass of water, while he goes back to his car to drop his camera off. I get him the glass of water, go back to the living room, and what do I see...


Well, not really. But I felt as surprised as if they were. No, actually, it was Veronica, Claudia, Rod, Adri and Norman, holding a bunch (around 24) of balloons, and a cake....gee, my first surprise party. I thought those things only happened on TV.

We set up the table and had a little party, the six of us. I can't believe I mean that much to these people. They've brought everything...plates, forks, soda, cakes...and Adri gave me a pair of bracelets, too.

[I did notice Veronica was a little strange, but I didn't want to comment at the's like she had a headache or something....but I already sent her a text message about that].

It was great. It was wonderful.

They left, and a couple of minutes later, a car parks in front of my house. It's Cel...with Art and Pablo!!!! They brought a heart-shaped cake, baked by Cel herself...and a huge Kentucky Fried Chicken bag, with a gift, it wasn't fried chicken, it was a lamp...but there's an orange candle instead of a light bulb, and it's decorated with pieces of red and blue glass...because they remind of Spiderman.

My parents had to leave, so it was the three of them and me in the house. It was great, I got to take them to my bedroom, and Art and Pablo played Super Nintendo (Metroid, Mario RPG, Mario World and Earthworm Jim). Pablo and Cel stayed for dinner.

Angelica sent me a greeting card (by the way, she was in the newspaper, she got the highest score -perfect 1900- in the PAES test). And I got calls from some friends, like Victoria, Irene, Victor, Allan, Elsy...Dany (I bet I was the last one you thought of getting a birthday call from)!!!...AND MY FRIEND HEAD, FROM CANADA!!!!

Carmen didn't call, I guess she forgot (if she remembers, she'll probably make up a lame excuse). Renan and the kids haven't called, maybe they're too busy. But that's ok, today it happened way too much more than I expected.

I also received a greeting card from a friend, that said Aerosmith smiles for you!. That was too much for my old heart...

Him? D? Denver? No, nothing from him. He said something yesterday, though. But you see, his birthday was on november 4th, and ever since, he always finds a gap in a conversation to bitch and moan about how much it sucked. Simeon and I talked about what he said.

Cel agreed: well, take that as the only congratulation you'll get from him.

Rod and I were setting up the table for the little party Norman and Co. had planned, when I said: All that's left is a clown to entertain us, and Rod said: I know, *insert D's real name* couldn't make it. I laughed. But inside a question stabbed me: was HE going to come?. That was very likely to happen. His group of closest friends had. I was really sorry about that.

But anyway, if you take away that the person I'm in love with didn't even try to contact me (I must admit that hurts, though), I think it's safe to say that this has been the happiest day of my life so far.

I'm usually not into sorting days as "the happiest", "the crappiest", etc, because hey, you just can't. But I can't remember feeling so loved, feeling so happy, being so close to the people in my life and smiling so much and so hard, at the same time, throughout the same day, like I have today.

Thanks, God, I repeat. I can't remember feeling this happy since...well, probably I had never felt this kind of happiness.

I don't know what the fuck I have done in my life to have a day like this one. I don't even deserve all this.


*Simeon says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISTER!!!!*

But damn it, I didn't get superpowers. I'd always hoped that when I turned 18, I'd get superpowers.

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