She got me P!nk's album (it made sense in my head)
Saturday, 01/25/03 - 10:15 pm.

Ok, So Carmen came in the afternoon, and left at around 9:20 pm. Most of the time it was kind of letargic. But looking back, it was sort of fun. We ended up playing HangARoo in the computer, that was the best.

I didn't talk at all. I just listened, she did all the talking. Not very entertaining, honestly. But...oh, well. By the way, she gave me a birthday present. That was actually very cute...she brought a little muffin and stuck a candle in it. She said she had no excuse, she was sorry, she never forgets a special person's birthday (awww, I'm a special person) I said, I wasn't mad at her at all.

Her birthday present to me? P!NK'S ALBUM!!!!!! She got the idea from Roberto (I'd told him about thinking of getting it) and well...isn't that sweet of her? Hi, I now have Missundaztood. It's kind of funny the way I always end up getting what I wanted. It's God's thing. It can't be anything else. It always (or at least pretty often) happens, for my birthday, for's unbelievable.

Speaking of things I want, wait until D hears the news. He owns the CD... so he claims. Actually, he only downloaded the songs. That's not owning the fuckin' CD. I'll laugh in his face (virtually). I'd like to tell him you suck but it's not fun when the person replies I already know that.

A dumb thought crossed my mind. Because when I opened the CD case, I asked Carmen: Roberto told you, right?. She only smiled, like trying not to. She'd said before: someone told me about it. D came to my mind first, because he and I talk a lot about Pink. maybe he told Carmen to get you the CD, because he knew you wanted it, and because you gave him the Nine Lives CD for his birthday, a voice in my head whispered. Of course, that wasn't the case. So much for such a lovely present. Besides, I later remembered I'd talked to Roberto more seriouly about the album.

I could swear the time, it made sense in my head.

Well, speaking of him, last night we had an IM conversation. I think it's not important enough to post it here. We did talk about ugliness and self-esteem issues, how neither of us can look oneself in the mirror when somebody else is...*sigh*

There was a part of our conversation in which he surprised me. I can't remember how it went, but it was about the end of the world, that everything should die, except for Aerosmith (I said that, of course) and what would Aerosmith do without me if I died or something like that. He replied with a question (I'm sorry, I can't remember what it was) and I found it funny. Sorry, he said. That was very rude of me. I told him it was ok, It wasn't tasteless nor hurtful nor was just for fun, I told him. It was just a joke...I knew he was joking, it didn't bother me at all, but I couldn't convince him otherwise. No, really...I feel very bad...that was rude. I'm either too stupid to understand the true meaning of what he said or he's just way too sensitive lately.

My dear friend Mikey won Fist place in The Student Art Show at the Impulse Gallery, in Pittsburg, CA. I am so proud of him, I had to tell this *tears*

I'll go listen to my new CD. She thanks "Steven Tyler & Aerosmith" in the heartwarming *heart*.

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