At least he liked my t-shirt.
Friday, 01/31/03 - 7:14 pm.

Betty...we got together today. I bought her a slice of pizza and soda. We spent some time together at the UCA. She gave me a present. It was a like a little meteor, and inside there was a stuffed toy and a rose. And a beautiful letter she wrote for me. So beautiful...

And well, since I arrived earlier, I saw D. It was kind of awkward, we barely talked. We did got to be alone for a while, he sat accross the table. We didn't say much. I didn't know what to say. I bet he didn't have anything.

That's about it.

I ripped a bag of pepper while I was with him at the table (and with Norman and Fo). I discovered the bags of pepper contain salt...or at least that one. I gave him a grain of salt. For no reason at all.

If anything, he just IMed me and told me he liked the t-shirt I was wearing today, and that he'd listened to "Dream On".


I really don't feel like talking right now.

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