The other family and the rough month ahead.
Tuesday, 07/01/03 - 11:43 am.

The kids arrived safely yesterday. I didn't go to the airport, because I had the last class of the semester, History. Although it wasn't really necessary for me to attend it, as I'm not taking the final. I'm a dork.

My parents, my sister and my other nephew picked me up at the UCA on the way back from the airport...but to my disappointment, none of the kids were with them. My dad explained to me that both of them were riding on the other grandma's car (Denise's -my brother's wife- mom).

Clearly, my dad was mad. I got a little mad, too. That family is so goddamn selfish. My family went to the airport, and were there for almost three hours, enduring all that crowd of impatient people, an a 40-minute line to get out of the airport, because there was only check-out booth available, and five planes, FIVE PLANES had arrived at the same time.

And all that to get what? to get an empty, boring, long ride to the other grandma's house, because that's where the kids were taken (we went only because Rebeca asked us to go see them...and because I wanted to see them, too). And they slept there. And they haven't called (and it's somewhat breaking my heart).

I just hate that, I fuckin' hate that. That family is going to have them most of the time, like the kids belong only to them. They'll drop them off here occassionally, to spend an afternoon or something. But oh, no...the kids are theirs.


And they act like they're superior, fuckin' bourgeoisie. Hypocrites, always trying to put us (my family) down while talking with a kind tone and a fake smile. Don't even get me started on the lady, the days I had to live with her in my brother's house were HELL. Those have been the worst days of my life.

So, yes, I'm crying. Because I'm angry. Because I HATE THEM and the only reason why I don't wish they were dead it's because Denise and the kids (and of course my brother) love them. Thank God Denise is not like them.

Yeah, ok.

Class is dismissed at 8, but since it was the last one last night, we were dismissed at 7:30. 1 was waiting for me outside the classroom. We got to be alone until 8:45, because of the 40 minute line that delayed my dad to pick me up. We talked a lot (...and stuff...). I'm glad we had all that time, because I'd scheduled to leave the UCA at 7:45, and 1 was deeply disappointed about that, because he wanted to be with me as much as he could, given we'll be a month and a half apart.

I love him so much, and this month will be hard to go through without him...I'd never hated a vacation period like I do now. Plus, I don't think I'll get to see Renan and Rebeca as much as I'd love to (*heart breaks*) so it'll be even harder.

"Argh", I say...or something like "fuck".

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