"Good girl....good girl..."
Tuesday, 07/15/03 - 1:17 pm.

She started to shake when she noticed where we'd arrived to. She tried to run away, but I held her.

I sat. She remained stood. Walking around nervously. She'd get close to the handosme boy with a pierced ear, and then she'd come back running to hide behind me. Knowing what was to come, but expecting I wouldn't let it happen.

I had to give her to him. I held her for the last time. And then he said he'd hold her while I took that thing off her. She was terribly shaking.

And then she disappeared, in the arms of the boy with a pierced ear, who went upstairs. I had to leave her there. For her own good? These hours of desperation will be days for her.

This thing of having a best friend is heartbreaking sometimes.

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