The neighbor dimension.
Wednesday, 07/16/03 - 4:29 pm.

My computer will be taken away tomorrow, and I don't know when I'll get it back. Yes, that means I don't know if I'll get to update anytime soon. Byefernow, everybody, or something along those lines....I can't tell for sure anyway.

They'd better not screw up all my goddamn stuff.


My nephew Renan and I happen to have the same incoherent sense of cartoonesque reality. We had a laugh or twelve yesterday afternoon.

Assignment for you
(err, me)
Draw an exclamation mark dancing tango. And a fish dancing tap.
A school of fish doing ballet.
A house playing yo-yo and his house friends swimming in the pool.
Draw a coyoteman and a ghost lady hunting down a coworm
Draw a squid reading a book. Draw a dog sneezing.
Draw an arranja
(?) sleeping. Draw a tiny little gigantic chicken and a triple-favored ice cream cone playing badmington.

It takes two to tango. You should've seen the drawings.

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