Going places joyless.
Friday, 07/18/03 - 1:08 pm.

I'm going to the beach tomorrow, and I'll come back sunday afternoon. No, no joy at all. That thing of getting excited over a trip to the beach faded out with childhood. Going to the beach is a drag.

But I'm taking Frog with me.

I'm going to the mall this afternoon, to get the kids presents. For their "belated birthday", dad says. (Three kids + two grandparents) at the mall = me annoyed. I'm not getting anything for me, I suppose. I'm too self-conscious...and if I were, there's always the money issue.

I recently discovered I lack of a best friend, and friends for that matter. And it doesn't feel like I have a boyfriend (that's mostly my fault). What I sadly mean is that I've lost touch with almost everybody over these weeks of vacation.

I just want to sleep forever.

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