Ears hurt but pants are nice.
Saturday, 11/01/03 - 4:14 pm.

I woke up happy, knowing it was november, but then I didn't feel any different about it. In fact, it's a hot and cloudy (the kind of cloudy that you know doesn't bring rain) day.

My brother got his master degree this morning, and I went to the ceremony, which was quite alright. They had this symphony that played three songs, and they sounded like they came from Disney's Fantasia.

Then my sister and I went to this place called La Luna. I don't remember talking about this before, but I went there last week, to see a play with my nephew. I fell in love with that place, because it has no coherence.

A human body, a galaxy and a tricycle hanging from the ceiling, lava lamps, doors on the walls, chess-checkered ceilings, statues...the seats come from cars, or are paint stained chairs, out of wood or plastic, or old sofas with blankets. They have a Yellow Submarine mural that I've never seen, because they've covered it for indefinite time with a pink wall and a pink fur sofa. And the stage is a hole (not very deep, about three feet), so people sit and look down.

I've talked about this, haven't I? Either way, it's very psychodelic and you should go there sometime in your life.

So I went there with my sister, because there was a garage sale. When we got there, there was a group of guys unloading a truck. The place was dark this time around, and it was obvious a rock concert was about to take place. We ordered something for lunch (it was unbelievable) while we saw all those dark teenagers setting everything up for the rock concert.

The awful, awful kind of rock I don't like, where people dress up in black, wear dozens of spikes and tattoos and piercings...somewhat Blink 182 looks, but the songs are much heavier in content and in sound. So this time they turned around the stage...the stage was to be the place for the audience and viceversa. The hole was a moshpit.

To my surprise, Vic was around. Actually, it was not that big a surprise. That's his scene. He saw me but didn't notice me, and I thought at first that he was probably ignoring me on purpose. But I kept thinking Vic would never, NEVER do that, not to me. Of course he would not. He loves me.

Later on, Cel walked in, joined Vic and his friend, and then I decided to approach and say hi. Vic's face cracked a smile when he saw me, and his eyes opened wide, so very surprised. So did Cel. It was really nice. Look, Vic said to me, long uncombed curly hair, all sweaty and obese, the look that disgusts all girls. I thought he looked cute, however disgusting.

They asked me to stay with them, but quite honestly I was very uncomfortable, seeing all those hardcore punks and rockers. I felt out of place. And my ears were already hurting from the bass and the drums. I'm not moshpit material. I'm such a wuss.

So I left them there after talking for a while (my sister offered me to pick me up later so I could hang out with them but I said no way, reasons stated above). I came out and I bought something from the Garage Sale (the original reason why I went there)...I bought a XL sweater (my size is M, but I like to wear large and above), a white shirt with black flowers, and comfortable checkered pants. And a hairband, too.

When I learn to drive, I'll go there on a regular basis. When I find my crowd, too, because those metal rockers are NOT my type. Say, something more beatle-esque or Aerosmith-esque, or just not so eardrum-smashing.

I saw the boy I like today. I talked about him here already...he was the electric guitar player in the Beatles homage. He was lanky, dressed in a simple gray t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Hair down to his shoulders. I loved the way he looked, very simple but also...I can't find words. And I also loved that he loved The Beatles. I saw him this morning, he's part of the UCA choir and sang in the graduation ceremony. His face is not exactly pretty, but I think he's beautiful overall, and I want him for christmas. I want to marry someone just like him.

But not today, today I just want to sleep. Which is impossible, because I'm way behind on my university assignments and I still have to go to this celebration of my brother's graduation at night.

And my ears still hurt...I should work on their decibel endurance, or else I'll lose my earing halfway through an Aerosmith concert.

Simeon *throws arms back up in the air*: yay, you got Steven Tyler pants!

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