You're supposed to add "in" before "human".
Saturday, 11/08/03 - 2:26 pm.

There's a rat in the backyard. But also Frog's standing guard. The rat won't eat me.

On the other hand, I don't care if the rat's fat and black and has a thick pink tail, I don't want it to get killed. Well, if Frog kills it that's ok, because animal kills animal and I learned from Discovery Channel you MUST NOT interfere in nature's dynamics, specially when the instinct is involved (which is almost always, so there).

I'm talking about the broom and the bucket of water and the rat trap by the human animal. Of course, animal kills animal in this situation, too, but I tend to think humans have lost their right to try to justify themselves as a part of the "circle of life", if you want to get all Lion King about it. I really don't care to go deeper on this one, as its a tangent to what I really want to talk about. When this is my main subject, I'll go deeper, yes?

Yesterday I heard horrible stories about this girl performing animal cruelty, such as being entertained by drowning a duck, and her and her sister tying a thread to a kitten's throat, and then each girl pulling the thread, one to the left and one to the right (yes, of course, the kitten died).

The girl's father had sexually abused her and her sister since she was 18 months old, so...well....I can't stab her for cruelty as she was a victim of it herself.

I'm getting back to work now.

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