"Reason number two...look what I can do".
Sunday, 11/09/03 - 1:22 pm.

"My acorn is missing.
Did you eat the acorn?
You owe me a new acorn".

Words cannot express my unbereable desire to see The Emperor's New Grove right now.


Please, please, please, let my nephew come over today so he can bring it along! We say all the lines by heart. I almost threw up at a restaurant last night, after laughing so hard with him about the movie.

Also, we watched some fireworks and the lunar eclipse, on our way to and at the restaurant. Next year there'll be four eclipses. That's great, because my nephew has never seen a solar eclipse, and just last night I was explaining him why eclipses happen.

- Me: perhaps there are no rats (in the backyard) after all, you know.
- Me: it must be an urban legend.
- Head: I say there are.
- Head: once one appeared in my patio.
- Head: and I go: 'ghzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'
- Head: and it stands upon two legs!
- Head: and it goes: 'ghhhhhhhzzzzzzzzz your momma!!!'
- Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Me: well, these ones only eat the potatoes, they don't speak.
- Head: that one didn't speak either.
- Head: but it did stand upon two legs.
- Head: and went 'cuighfz!' on me.

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