Quartz, grooves and concern about my dad.
Wednesday, 11/12/03 - 11:54 am.

No, we didn't break up, as I expected. In fact, no word on what'd happened the day before. And he also gave me a present, a piece of somehing similar to quartz, and he kept the other half. Only I did tell him I wasn't turned on by anything (I kind of love being stoic, really), and he was frustrated. Over all, he was happy and that's good. But then again...I wasn't, and I had to pretend, and made a superhuman effort to stand his hugs and kisses (I'm sorry, they were disgusting to me).

I'm a little overwhelmed by the upcoming finals. But after finals comes my trip to Houston. Talk about motivation. I'm getting worried about getting lost at the airport, though. I had problems the first time I traveled alone. The plane came back to the airport because it was having troubles, and I almost take a plane to the caribbean (I got home 8 hours later than scheduled). Although I do enjoy the Darth Vader theme (forgive me for I don't know it's name, do you?) playing in my head when I'm aboarding. I mean, the experience is both scary and exciting.

I watched The Emperor's New Groove in the morning. My nephew left it on my bed last night, before I came home (he always goes home before I arrive from the UCA at night -sadness- so I only get to see him on weekends). I love Kronk. I think he's underrated.

"You owe me a new acorn".

On sad news, though, my dad is sick. I don't even understand what it is, I don't know what's going on in his arm, but it could get to the heart and...there. But the doctor said he was on time to prevent it from growing. It's imperative (a Simeon word) that I learn to drive, so I won't be a burden to him anymore.

I'll go back to reading my $1.25 photocopies.

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