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Monday, 11/17/03 - 11:33 am.

There are only two more weeks of class at the UCA. The rest is just random attendance for finals, the first two weeks of december.

I'm a month away from leaving, and I have nothing done yet, like the christmas cards I plan on mailing at the beggining of december. I suppose I can pack two days before I leave (the day of my last final, that is), so one day before I leave I'll go to the airline-of-choice offices to check-in, so I can avoid the awful, awful checking-in at 5:30 am the day I depart, surrounded by thousands of people in worse circumstances than mine (well, you know...humble people from small towns leaving their family to go chase the "american dream").

Academical stuff gets on my way to get personal stuff done. Procrastination, boredom and numbness get on my way to get academical stuff done. What I sadly mean is that I'm lazy.

I only bite the insides of my mouth (it's funny that it doesn't hurt...quite the contrary), because the taste of blood is actually remarkable. But that's just always been a bad habit of mine, not a sudden sign of self-destruction.

And also, that is a tangent.

I'll go try to get anything worth-doing done, before my mind takes the train of tangents again.

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