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Wednesday, 11/19/03 - 12:17 pm.

Actually, my driving lessons (*support lessons*) start tomorrow.

I'm having initial period cramps and, at this point of the day, I have not read the newspapers, which annoys me to no end, because I am a newspaper person.

I do know something tendentious, favoring the right wing was mentioned. Well, that's everyday, because the newspapers practically belong to the government (I read the newspapers, but I know they don't tell the truth) but I can tell it was particulary annoying for my dad, because he wrote a letter to the editor. He was a journalist, back in the day, so he knows about professional objectivity, something the journalists of today seriously lack (because like I said, they work for the government).

Other than that, Veronica called me (it was nice), my boyfriend met my sister (it wasn't a big deal) and I wish my boyfriend wasn't in love with me.

I'm gonna go read the newspapers.

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