A day away from getting the license (one can hope).
Tuesday, 11/25/03 - 12:28 pm.

Although I had to start the engine twice during my practice, I'm kind of confident about driving. Hugh step since yesterday. I'm hoping the instructor hates me less now.

Maybe I can buy the car in which I am learning. I'm used to it, and the fact that it says "future driver", validates me to screw up on every light.

People don't even respect the "future driver" sign, though. They honk the same, and perhaps angrier. In words of Calvin: boy, I wish I had some dinamite.

Irene and I plan on writing a psychology book, and attend the Psychology Of Liberation congress in the future (if we can afford the ticket to Brazil or wherever it'll take place). We're really disappointed on our psychology enviroment.

Boy, I wish I had some dinamite.

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