Two years ago, George (and the season finale I'm too lazy to elaborate).
Saturday, 11/29/03 - 12:28 pm.

In case you don't know, George Harrison died two years ago. I'll tune in for a radio show in his honor tonight. Remember George today, yes?

What happened yesterday was what my friends called "the season finale". Because it was the end of the semester, and some special things happened.

But nothing out of this world, really. It's just that I got my license and that Victoria got a haircut like a boy. But we made up some other things to make the day special. And the sky was beautiful, too. Pink, blue, purple, with white and gray clouds like upside-down mountains or just brushes. And a lady took pictures at the end, you could think that's the picture that always goes with the credits. How dumb.

But it didn't happen what I was expecting. I couldn't break up with 1. But I have to. I'm sorry for him, don't get me wrong, but the longer it takes, the more upset I get. I feel very unhappy.

You know, I wanted to make this entry sound like it was really a season finale, but I'm too lazy and my fingers are too sore from working with steel guitar strings. The 5th string broke yesterday, and I replaced it with a nylon string, instead of a steel one. I suck at replacing strings. And it broke just when I was learning to tune it, and the first two strings sounded PERFECT.

I have to study for two finals next week, but I haven't. Between finishing christmas card, and watching Spiderman, the movie (but dammit, not the whole movie, because I set the clock wrong and it didn't record it entirely -argh-), and trying to fix my guitar...well, what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to study, I'd rather do other stuff that I consider advisable for my emotional growth.

Yay, The Impossibles. I have a thing for Fluid Man.

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