Melancholy on the last november sunday.
Sunday, 11/30/03 - 12:33 pm.

In the big scheme of the universe, it's somewhat unimportant that today is the last day of november. It's perhaps a little less unimportant that now I have only two weeks before I leave for the USA. I said in the big scheme of the universe. On a personal level, those events are a tad bit more meaningful.

The weekend has been very windy, and I love it...for me. But then I think of the homeless people who spend the nights on sidewalks and I kind of wish...the world was different.

The day is not horrible, but somehow it's making me sad. I've been a little melancholy since yesterday (I thought it was only because of George Harrison's anniversary, given I'm that emotionally attached to my favorite musicians -lame me-) but it's something else. I feel like crying, but I don't. My reasoning, effortlessly (I don't even have the strenght to endure an internal conflict), keeps me from doing it.

I mean, it's a nice day. Windy and sunny, and the christmas tree is up. It's just that I feel sad. Not unhappy, just sad. Well, I am unhappy when I think I'm still with 1, but it's not that often, I try to avoid that. I get a little unhappy when I see my dad as well, because he's in pain, taking a lot of pills and wearing a support for his neck, and he seems a little depressed. My mom seems to be in charge now, and that's ok. I don't know how she feels inside, but on the outside, although concerned, she keeps her tranquil mood.

But I'm not dwelling on anything, let alone a heavy topic. The house seems a little empty, that's all. I can't really tell why I feel like this.

On a happier note, now I have a tape with George Harrison songs that I got from the radio special last night. He was is a wonderful man, indeed.

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