Aerosmith manages to make me unsad for quite a while.
Monday, 12/01/03 - 11:39 am.

I don't know how to say see, there's my friend Norman, who seems to be depressed (the "I-can't-get-up-in-the-morning" line) and...well, I hope he gets better, of course, and I've told him he can count on me, he's got my entire support.

It's just kind of upsets me a little, somehow. Sometimes I feel horribly ignored. But that's just me, that I feel so sad that I can't believe no one notices. But I'm aware they can't know that. Maybe I don't even deserve to be noticed when I'm sad, anyway. At least Norman's feelings are justified, given he's chaging his career (a year later he discovered he wasn't made for economics), he's got some heavy issues with friends...and me, I just feel sad.

But to be fair, something cheered me up and kept me from cutting (my skin is "break in case of emergency", but seriously, I don't have that many emergencies)...

I was making a mix tape for my nephew Javier (7 years old), who's adopting the habit of, whenever he comes to my house (say, everyday), he goes straight to my bedroom, locks himself in and cranks up my CDs (one in particular, the mix CD my guitar instructor gave me, for my guitar lessons).

So I made the mix tape, right? And there was some space left, so I taped a couple of Beatles song, from Abbey Road (he loves Polythene Pam). And there was some more space left, and what do I do?

You know what? I think this tape could use some Aerosmith...what do you say?

He said "ok, tape the Spiderman song". And I did. And there was some more space and he chose Walk This Way (well, he's got some background knowledge, Aerosmith-wise. After all, he's MY nephew). He agreed that the original version was better than the Run-DMC one.

Then I made him listen to Rag Doll and Dude (looks like a lady), and he was singing along to the chorus. And then I said, you know, there's a video in which Tom Hamilton speaks spanish. And I told him a lot of funny stuff that appeared on that video ("Big Ones, you can look at"). He was really impatient to see it, and he's coming over this afternoon.

Maybe he'll become an Aerosmith fan today. I've failed to make aerofans out of my other nephew, Renan, and my niece, Rebeca (I'm seeing them in two weeks!), and instead, I accidentally turned them both, and Javier too, into Beatles fans. Not that I'm complaining, though. I'm glad I have some influence on them (*evil laugh*).

Anyway, I promised my nephew I'd have the tape ready for today. I ended up watching it last night...I can't believe all the stuff I have, I was cracking up: I am the count. They call me the count because I love to count. I need to show him the Train kept a rollin' unplugged version. I'm hoping he'd be hooked. Jesus, who wouldn't?! Besides, he says he is Joe Perry (and Paul McCartney, too, although he wants to be a drummer), so he never turns down the chance to see the real Joe Perry.

My mom said: Hey, you'd rejected "the Aerosmith" for a while, hadn't you?. That's kind of true, I'm ashamed to say. But not anymore. I love this band, I really, really love Aerosmith, and meeting them is still one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) dreams of my life. You have no idea how hopeful I get on christmas.

And that's how I managed to go to bed without crying. I wasn't feeling sad and worthless anymore (leave it up to the morning to bring those feelings back) but rather all...high. And I mean "HIGH!".

I'm done with the UCA, except for the finals. I have no class today, so I won't scape the tasks given to me by my dad, that can only get done by *gasp* driving to the mall. Well, there's always music to drive to.

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