Pathetic foursome-of-three and sunday-newspaper ways to break up.
Thursday, 12/ 04/03 - 2:17 pm.

I found a purse yesterday. You see, I have a few purses in a drawer, but I never use them. Thanks to my nephew, though, I found one, that must be there since I was like 13. It must be, because the brand is me too, which gives the idea that it's supposed to make a young girl believe she's growing up.

Anyway, it's very small, but I can wear it across my chest, and the bag (the size of my hand, a little bigger) falls to my hips. It's black, it's beautiful. It was funny, to find such thing and then find it useful, when I always rejected it. Of course I drew Frog on it, to make it more personal, and as a sign that I've now accepted it as a useful belonging.

Also, I have my last final next friday. And then I'm off to Houston. Still unsure if my nephew is coming.

I saw D's ex-girlfriend yesterday. I couldn't help stare at her, I think she saw me. I never got along with her, we just never talked. People called her "the rat", because she does have a face like a rat. Oh, she's the Vanessa girl I talk about in this entry. What an awful foursome. She got officially involved with the two boys, and I didn't get involved with none, one because I didn't love, other because he didn't love me. What a funny world. What a clean old man ( <-- tangent).

Oh, yes...I didn't get to break up with 1. Will I ever get the balls to get out of this relationship? He was upset, as usual, and cried, because he'll miss me "like crazy". Rod was online at night, and since he already knows of this, I talked to him about it.

Me: you think it's stupid breaking up by text messages?
Him: damn! yes. So you haven't told him?
Me: I haven't. He cries so much. Anyway, I thought about the text message thing and I thought to myself, like Chandler (from 'Friends', you realize), "worst idea ever!".
Him: hahaha.
Me: by e-mail?
Him: �?
Me: "second worst idea ever".
Him: dammit. Better tell him face to face.
Me: I try. But he begins to cry.
Him: Dammit. Tell him, bad idea.
Me: I try, but I choke. I'm ashamed to be so heartless.
Him: don't you think that if the semester finishes and he doesn't hear from you again, he'll get it? (I didn't react fast enough to tell him that leaving someone in the dark is very cruel -I did it to Rene, D did it to me-)
Me: Not really. He is aware that we'll see each other again until march...he repeats it, and then he beging to cry.
Him:....dammit, boy. How else could you tell him?
Me: he has no fax.....classifieds!
Him: awww, play Hangman with him, and make the phrase "we are breaking up".
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's got to be like, the coolest thing I have EVER heard!!! .... How about a crossword puzzle?...what the hell, he doesn't even read the newspapers.
Him: he's too busy cryin', you know?
Me: hahahaha!!!!!......but it's my fault.

And Rod also said he doesn't like rat-face, either. That cheers me up. Kind of. Because, as a matter of fact, I don't like her, either (she's kind of slutty). Dammit, there's something, that comes in these little bottles, called jealousy, man...and that's me, quoting myself, ladies and gentlemen. It's a funny world indeed.

Oh, oh, but I taped the you've got to hide your love away (Hi, The Beatles?...the line in this layout's title, you know? "here I stand, head in hand, turn my face to the wall...") video. It was pretty much uncanny.

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