I dig a pony procrastination.
Friday, 12/05/03 - 1:41 pm.

Hey, wait...Two years ago I missed an Aerosmith concert, in Dallas (hey, ho, I was in Houston). No, I will never let that go, but I've pretty much recovered.

I was going to drive to the mall, because I needed to go to the post office and so did my mom. And also I was going to drive back home, with an unexpected purchase (The Beatles' Let It Be *throws confeti*), and a blank video tape, for I'm leaving next week for Houston and my brother has cable TV and sometimes there's nice Aerosmith stuff on TV (Beatles stuff, too, but I already have a tape for that).

But the bottom line is that I didn't drive, my mom did. I'm a chicken and I suck.

I have not studied for next friday (I know, I said that "oh, next friday, there's plenty of time"). I have not done many things, that I pretend to go and get done right about....later.

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