Meeting with the lovely canadian-by-adoption boy.
Tuesday, 12/09/03 - 4:43 pm.

I met with my friend Head this morning/afternoon at La Luna, for lunch. It was great, wonderful. We talked for about 4 hours straight, mostly about how things are going in Canada for him. He's got quite a way with the ladies, and people in general, I must say. He's very special, and perhaps the only person in my life with whom there's no awkward silence, because we're always talking and jumping from topic to topic ("tangents", of course..he's the only one that keeps up with me).

He left for Canada last year, as you might not recall. And finally he got enough money (from his sister) to come and spend some time here. It's really a shame, because I won't be here for the holidays, and by the time I come back from Houston, he will be gone. Sad, heartbreaking stuff. And then it'll be years and years before I see him again.

He brought me a nice wood arm to scratch my back (forgive me for I don't know if that thing has a techinal name), a...err, some kind of native furry craft and the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band CD, but I paid for that one, because it was a deal. And also, an Aerosmith bootleg (live at Counterpoint Studios, 1973, although the CD is scratched) and even a stuffed white puppy for Frog (in words of Paul McCartney: the resemblence is truly striking). Of course Frog doesn't care about toys -she's lame like that- so I'll keep it, and I'll name him Sgt. Beet or something.

He insisted on paying for everything (lunch), but I insisted otherwise. And then he insisted on splitting half and half, but I insisted more and I ended up paying everything. After all, now he's a tourist in his motherland (see what neoliberalism makes of 3rd world countries?), and he won't get much further with canadian money. And I liked paying, seriously...the gentleman in me, I suppose (well, the psychologist Carl Rogers says that...screw it, I'm not typing the whole thing). Besides, it wasn't expensive at all (had it been expensive, this paragraph would be different, you realize).

I wish we could spend more time together. He could be (he pretty much is) like those friends-of-the-opposite-sex that you love so much you're even in love with them, in that friendship-ish kind of way. But he'll go go back to Canada and I'll come back from Houston and we'll go on with our lives.

Good God, I'll ask him to come over before I leave, I don't care what my parents say (actually I do...I even told them I was going to be with a couple of friends besides, yeah, I lied. I kind feel bad about it, but I don't think they'd have let me go if it was just him and me...because they're like that, you know? My sister came in during lunchtime, what a coincidence...but she's all pro-freedom, so she was charming, as usual, and didn't seem to mind I was only with a boy. After all, she's gone through what I am, so she's always a good moral, this is a long parenthesis).

I just love the guy. Remember I had a crush on him? Neither do I, but I'm sure I wrote about it here, back in my day. I'm lame like that, just like Frog.

End of the episode.

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