Almost leaving.
Saturday, 12/13/03 - 3:47 pm.

Yes, I got to break up with my boyfriend last night. I can't tell the difference, because when we were dating I didn't think of him unless I'd hurt him. Just like now. I'm sorry for him, but...I'm glad to be single. I'm so sorry for doing this to him. I just realized I don't want to talk about it right now.

I went to check my ticket this morning, and I'm almost ready for tomorrow.

I had a wonderful time at Pizza Hut with my UCA mates, Angie, Victor, Irene and Victoria. We went there for lunch, and we laughed out loud and ate so much. They said it was my birthday, so the staff sang to me, and I was embarrased. Each of us went home with a box of leftovers...well, they all went shopping, I had to come back home. They gave me presents, and cards, so beautiful. I love them so much. The five of us, we're so perfect together.

While waiting for my dad to pick me up, this blind man was selling bubble gum. It broke my heart, people walking around, ignoring him. I came up to him and bought him two packs of bubble gum, giving him a coin that doubled the cost of the packs. I don't think he could tell the difference, but that's ok. I silently started to cry, praying for him. I wish I could've hugged him and told him "merry christmas, mister".

There's a drawing by John Lennon, in which there are two men, both wearing sunglasses and holding a dog. One of the men has a sign that says: "I'm blind". The other one has a sign that says: "I can see quite clearly". I came up with something, but I'm too tired to explain.

Head and May came over yesterday. I've got some phone calls, I've sent some e-mails, I'm tired, the sky is gray (I'm afraid it'll rain), my heart is broken, I feel horrible for the break-up with the boyfriend, I need to finish packing, I want to sleep, I got a "thank you/merry christmas" card from a boy I helped (I mentioned him, Isaac...I didn't want to help him, because it was MY work, but I couldn't say no..."all the things come back to you"), I'm nervous, I can't wait to feel the cold, cold december wind in Houston, I AM FUCKING TIRED AND much I'm feeling and thinking, I'm afraid I can't translate it into words.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to update everyday, but I'll do my best. I think the images on my layouts will stop showing, because I received a notice from Boomspeed that I have 72 hours to give my credit card number, in order to update my account, otherwise my account will be cancelled. And I don't have a credit card. My sincere apologies, a diary with broken images is ugly, but I don't think I'll get to fix that (either change layout or find a new host) in so little time (do you know of free image hosting? ///
EDIT: I think I've found one).

Well, I'm not sure when I'll update this again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a month. If I don't get to do it anytime soon, my best wishes to all of you, beautiful beings. Have wonderful holidays, remember The Beatles' message: "all you need is love", and Aerosmith's message, "dream on"...beyond all the marketing, that's what this season is all about. *Simeon sends loving hugs to the pretty readers that are kind enough to waste some minutes in our dumb diary, we appreciate you very much. God bless you all*.

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