Activities, beds and some Aerosmith mentions.
Tuesday, 12/16/03 - 10:00 am.

I can't find a way to start this entry, seriously. Nothing is really happening, but I'm having a good time. Everything is so different from my usual life, but I'm not even comparing, because I barely remember anything. I just get stuck in the moment.

There's much more space here. My house, and basically my usual enviroment is not like Houston's. Being here, I get the feeling everything is so cluttered back home, in the sense that the houses and their yards are smaller (sometimes they don't have a yard) and clautrophobic (like a fortress, because there's a high rate of crime), the streets are terribly small, flooding with cars, and every hour is the rush hour. The bad thing about here though is that I can't go anywhere walking, except around the neighborhood.

Yesterday was great, Javier (nephew) and I were outside, it was cold, but you could stand it without a jacket. We played basketball for a while, and then I sat on the porch playing guitar, and he was taking shots. It was a great moment.

This evening we'll go see Rebeca (niece) in a play at school. It's The Nutcracker. There aren't many plans of going out done yet, because it's weekdays and they're all busy. But we're running out of food and it's time to go christmas shopping, too.

I don't get to see my brothers a lot. I've only exchanged a few words with them. It's a little sad. I was expecting something more. But I guess that sort of things just happen. They're busy, working at a hospital all day, and come home to have dinner, work a little and then fall asleep. Alan hadn't slept on a bed in months (slept in a sleeping bag), since he came here. The day Javier and I arrived, they'd just gotten a two-in-one bed, but there was always someone who'd ended up without a bed. Last night I slept on the couch (which, anyway, is tremendously comfortable) so he could sleep in a bed. I felt sorry for him. I always have to sleep in a sleeping bag when I come to visit, and while is not really that uncomfortable, a bed is always a better choice, specially when it gets so cold at night.

I finally figured out how to use the TV, dumb me. I missed an Aerosmith clip on ABC's Monday Night Football, because my sister-in-law and I couldn't figure out on time how to record. She knew, but there are lots of wires, and steps on the TV, the VCR and the Dish TV thing, and by the time she set everything up, the clip was over. I watched it, but not recording made me know, it wasn't the end of the world and in the big scheme of the universe it meant nothing, but I was very upset.

Oh, dead God, Joe Perry, what happened to you?!

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