Hermann Park!
Saturday, 12/20/03 - 8:11 pm.

I had a LOT of fun today. We went to Hermann Park, and we spent the whole afternoon running around, catching a ball and just walking around, watching the sunset, and the gooses and ducks and the lake. We definitely have to come back there, it was wonderful. Words aren't enough to describe how amazing this afternoon was. We even took the dog, and she was running around and around and around.

I went shopping today...well, it was more like sightseeing. I only bought a button that says "just screw it", and that was at Hot Topic. Actually, I thought Hot Topic was too dark for my taste. I was dying to go there, and they actually have cool stuff, like the wristbands, the buttons and the stuff from The Nightmare Before Christmas. But I pass, really. I'm going back there to get gifts for my friends, though.

I can't really write a lot, because everybody is around. Things have been ok. Yesterday I called down Javier, and then I regreted it, but luckily I just let that cool off for ten minutes and a bowl of ice cream fixed it all. A few minutes ago, things almost got ugly again, when I took away the Game Boy Advance.

These kids go jumping from video game to video game...Nintendo 64, computer games and Game Boy. It's almost sickening. But I found some diplomacy and nothing went further downhill (started to tell them about how talented they are, and how they could use their talents to spend time). Now they're happy building a tent. Which reminds me, completely unrelated, that my sister will be arriving on the 24th. It's a little embarrasing, to be taking over this housesold (four members become eight), but they seem to be happy about it. So oh, well, I say.

Tomorrow is real christmas shopping, and thanks to Rock On Tv, I have tons and tons of Beatle and Aerosmith stuff to tape. And that's all I have to say.

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