Holiday lame digest.
Friday, 12/26/03 - 8:52 am.

I couldn't write yesterday. I didn't feel like it at times, but when I did, somebody else was using the computer.

The christmas party...I'd say there were cool people, but it was a complete drag. There was a 17 year old indeed, but although she was very, very nice, we didn't exchange nothing but a greeting. The people were funny, but I felt out of place all night long. We came home at 1:30 in the morning (of the 25th), when I was turning green, like The HUlk. I think almost everybody was. Boring and so late at night, we were falling asleep.

Yesterday started out with all of us opening quite a few christmas presents. I almost didn't make it with Nancy (sister) and Alan, but they and Rebeca went last minute shopping, and I tagged along. I mean, very last minute. I bought them pretty little things, and thank God I got to give everybody presents (I know what I said yesterday, that's me analyzing). I got a multi-color pen, a Barnes & Nobles gift card, a drawing from my nephew and a Beatles book (one of the many I saw at B&N, and it has amazing pictures). The rest of the day I didn't do anything (well, I did other stuff, of course) but check the TV here and there, because there were countdowns on VH1 all day long, and Aerosmith and The Beatles were on them.

But I couldn't tape half of them, because I went to see The Lord Of The Rings. I'm not a big fan, nor a movie critic, so I'll just say it was impressive. I lost one of my earrings at the movie theater, though, and that's really sad. I'd just bought them.

This is not everything that's happened, I'm just writing the biggest facts without going very deep. I can't write a lot now, when there's so many people around, who want to go out all the time. I think we're even going to San Antonio tomorrow. But that's a tangent. I was saying I can't really write at these times, but I need to catch up before I lose continuity.

I hope all of you had a wonderful christmas!

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