Nicest New Year arrival.
Thursday, 01/01/04 - 6:22 pm.

I spent the New Year arrival celebration in a very unusual way. The only price I had to pay for it was missing the Aerosmith appearance on Dick Clark's New Year show, but I didn't mind a lot in the end, because I had a great time, an experience like no other in my life.

Like I mentioned yesterday, we didn't go to San Antonio. That means I got to tape many Beatle bits on TV (had we gone to San Antonio, I'd have missed them, but I'd have taped the Aerosmith show instead). Suddenly, the grown-ups come up with a crazy idea, that I didn't like in the beggining: oh, let's go to Galveston: we'll eat there and we'll come back on time for the hugging (midnight).

It was a nice idea, of course, but it was 8 pm, and Galveston was 45 minutes away, I didn't think we'd make it. But in any case, we stopped playing Uno and we hopped onto the car. We watched The Emperor's New Groove on the way, which was marvelous. That's one of my favorite movies, as you may not recall.

I wasn't too keen on the idea of this New Year trip (me and my old fashioned ways of spending New Year), until we got to Galveston and I realized we were driving right along the seashore. I've gone to the beach thousands of times, but I'd never been in that position, driving right along the beach. It was very dark so it took me some time to realize that I was actually seeing waves and not a fence of white wood. Dumb me.

They wanted to eat at Dennis' (we came ALL the way to eat at Dennis'?!), but we ended up going to IHOP. But first we went to the Rainforest Cafe and we went on some water ride...I don't know what it's called, but it was like a trip to different jungles from all over the world. It was tremendously remarkable, Simeon states. Fun infinite times.

At IHOP, the guy who waited on us was...well, yes, very cute. He was missing half of his right hand, if this must be mentioned, but I'd have married him in a second (that's not very rare, the cheap part of me says "marry me!" to every good-looking being that passes by). He was very nice. I felt sorry for the people at IHOP, spending there the arrival of the New Year. But then I thought that I'd enjoy it. After all, for 18 years I've spent the arrival of the new year at home, it's about time to expand the horizons.

Which is pretty much what we did after IHOP. It was my brother, his wife, my other brother, my sister, my two nephews and my niece...and, duh, me, of course. We crossed the street and we went to the beach. It was freezing, kind of. We walked in this sort of cat-walk/pier made out of stone, that stretched right it into the ocean. You could see the darkness ahead, but as your turned your head, following a wave with your eyes, you'd find the skyline of Galveston, and the darkness would turn into a dim orange light. To be honest, I can't find a way to describe how beautiful it was. I took two pictures, but they didn't turn out very good. Lame, lame digital camera (I want one myself, though).

So midnight arrived, and we all hugged while the waves were crashing in front of us, on the rocks. Then we made our way back to the seashore...a couple was there with a bottle of champagne, holding each other, and they said "happy new year!" to us. I thought that was awfully cute and heartwarming. We stopped to pick up seashells, and finally we crossed the street again, to get in the car and drive back home. I fell asleep on the way. That was annoying, though, it felt as though the trip was 5 hours long, I couldn't wait to go to bed.

And today's been a relaxed day. It terrifies me to think it's now 2004, it terrifies me to think I'm turning 19 very shortly, it terrifies me to think I'm leaving Houston before this month ends. But I haven't thought about that a lot, anyway, I try to ignore those facts, at least for now.

The highlight of today is that I twisted my ankle on a crack in the sidewalk, and I landed on my knee. I rolled up my jeans and discovered a piece of skin was (and still is) hanging, a little horrible bleeding wound in the knee. But it was actually rather funny. I was about to cry, it's actually very painful, but I wanted to laugh very hard. I hadn't fell to the ground in SO long. I was with my brother Alan, playing basketball, and he went into the house saying I tripped on an ant. That's not true, I just have weak ankles. They twist easily, ok? My ankles and my knees are my dangerous spots, serisouly.

And this has been my first day of 2004: woke up late, taped something about The Beatles, had breakfast at 12, had lunch at 3, had cheese cake (CHEESE CAKE!) at 5, practiced guitar, twisted my ankle, wounded my knee...and one of my niece's fish died...a little off-topic, but a small tangent does no harm. Right, I haven't mentioned my trip to PetsMart, to get those fish, but I will one of these days. I need to get in touch with PETA or similar.

The only sad part of this year so far is that I don't know how to accomplish my New Year's Resolution. But I'm working on it. Happy new year *Simeon throws confetti*!!!

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